I went looking for something I could help out with on GitHub and GitLab and found the following project: andrewlock/NetEscapades.Extensions.Logging

He had a daily rolling file logging system. I've seen lots of use for periods shorter than daily log rolling on busy systems so I contributed a set of options for minutely (yes, it's the right word), hourly, and monthly.

Andrew Lock graciously accepted my pull request (once I got rid of a SmartEnum dependancy) and fixed a couple of typos on my part. He also fixed something I didn't expect. I've been stuck working with C# version 5 for so long due to some library needs that I didn't even think to write a property that sets its own default value in a single line. This has me looking more forward than ever to working primarily in DotNetCore and leaving the DotNet framework behind.

(Bonus: I was able to do all the work from Linux.)