I'm anxious to get things moving off of the old ASP.Net 4.6 and onto DotNet Core.  I started working on some DotNet Core versions of class libraries we have and found that if I target Dot Net Standard 1.3 I should be able to use the same library in DotNet Core 2.1 as well as DotNet Framework 4.6.  So I started down that path.  It didn't take long before I found out you could target multiple frameworks and decided to try adding net461 to see what would happen.

Error.  Couldn't target net461 from Ubuntu.  Or could I...

Found https://stu.dev/how-to-target-net4x-on-macos/ and it turns out the solutions to compiling for the DotNet Framework on Macs also work for Linux.

Suddenly looking forward to starting a new 4.6.x project at work to see if a net461 targetting classlib from Ubuntu really will work with it.

Next stop: Nuget packaging that class library for multiple frameworks.